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Technology – Network Facilities

As a company, H. Johnson prides itself on constantly evolving, and keeping abreast of the latest technological advances, in order to build the best monuments possible.

Innovations range from the purchasing of one of the first computer sign-writing systems in 1989, with continual upgrades since then, to the more recent upgrading of its central computer mainframe networking all facets of the business.

H. Johnson has integrated office systems which all members of staff can access remotely anytime from anywhere.  Remote access computing allows all staff  to react quickly in the face of any issues to solve the problem quickly and efficiently

H. Johnson’s office has a strong leaning toward electronic based business practices. Communication is seen as a key factor in providing the level of service that our customers require and to deliver its products to the end user in a timely and organised manner.

The high standard of quality, attention to detail and sensitive service remains central to the Company’s core values and we seek to achieve continuous improvement.